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California Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Like many companies online, we use services provided by AppNexus, Microsoft Advertising, Google Doubleclick, Yahoo! and others that help deliver interest-based ads to you. California law may classify our use of these services as a “sale” of personal information from which California residents have the right to opt-out. This is because the companies that provide these services collect information from our users (e.g., device data and online activity data) to help them serve ads that they think users may want to see based on their online activity. These ads are known as interest-based advertisements. You can choose to opt-out of these companies’ use of your Personal Information for interest-based advertising by selecting “to opt out of the ”sale” of my personal information” in our California Privacy Request Form, or by:

Your choices for opting- out of these companies’ use of your Personal Information for interest-based advertising include:

Blocking cookies in your browser. Most browsers let you remove or reject cookies, including cookies used for interest-based advertising. To do this, follow the instructions in your browser settings. Many browsers accept cookies by default until you change your settings. For more information about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set on your device and how to manage and delete them, visit

Blocking advertising ID use in your mobile settings. Your mobile device settings may provide functionality to limit use of the advertising ID associated with your mobile device for interest-based advertising purposes.

Using privacy plug-ins or browsers. You can block our site from setting cookies used for interest-based ads by using a browser with privacy features, like Brave, or installing browser plugins like Privacy Badger, Ghostery or uBlock Origin , and configuring them to block third party cookies/trackers.

Platform opt-outs. The following advertising partners offer opt-out features that let you opt-out of use of your information for interest-based advertising:

Advertising industry opt-out tools. You can also use the opt-out options provided by these industry organizations to limit use of your information for interest-based advertising by participating companies:

For more information about your California privacy rights, see our Privacy Policy.

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