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How to Ride a Motorcycle | From Our Friends At RevZilla | Read Now
How to Get Your Motorcycle License | From Our Friends At RevZilla | Read Now
The sights, sounds, smells, speed and a true sense of power… you never forget what it's like to ride a motorcycle for the first time. Today is the day you discover a life-long adventure and meet friends who'll be there to offer tips for new motorcycle riders like yourself. Cycle Gear's staff of industry experts and riding veterans can provide first-hand tips for beginner motorcycle riders, too. From the tools you’ll need for regular wrenching to the gear that’s going to suit your needs, it’s time to join the two-wheeled community. Here are our tips for beginner motorcycle riders — let’s get started!

Finding Your First Motorcycle: There’s only one prerequisite to be a motorcyclist and that’s having a bike to ride. Talk to big dealers and local shops, read the marketing material from manufacturers and then read reviews from owners and testers. Decide which riding style is right for you and know what to look for when shopping around. If buying used, learn how to kick the proverbial tires. (It’s not your bike yet, so don’t actually do that during the test ride.)

Riding Style Decisions: You’ll start inquiring about getting legal after riding a motorcycle for the first time. Know that your state’s application, permitting and licensing process will vary. This is generally the first step toward operating a street-legal motorcycle and will closely resembled the process of getting your driver’s license for a car or truck. Things will be a little different if taking the off-road dirt bike route, so we’ve also compiled relevant information on that.

Motorcycle Gear for Beginners: Here’s where the real fun begins. After riding a motorcycle for the first time and falling in love with the experience, you’re going to need motorcycle gear for beginners. Just because you’re new to the sport doesn’t mean flip flops and a windbreaker are excusable. The truth is that the most important motorcycle gear is… all of it. Invest in recommended motorcycle gear because it is designed by and for enthusiasts of all things two-wheeled.

Newer statistics show that some 10 million US households had a motorcycle parked out back in recent years. It’s a great time to get involved with our sport so spend some time with the recommended resources on this page and we’ll see you on the track, trails and tarmac.

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