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Tire Install Service

Cycle Gear is proud to offer tire mounting services in a majority of our stores.

Wait-time and availability for mounting varies by store. We will always make an effort to change your tires while you shop, but from time to time there may be a wait-time due to staffing and/or tire service volume so please call ahead and talk to your local store Team before stopping by.

To find out if tire mounting services are available at a store near you, please visit our store locator and check the "Store Services" section to see if "Tire Installation" is listed. The store phone number, address, and hours are also available through the store locator:

Pricing per tire when purchased from Cycle Gear (online or in store) or one of our partners (discount code required):
  • Street tires: $25.00*
  • Off-Road: $20.00*
  • Lifetime Balancing: Free
  • *Price excludes tubes, valve stems, tire disposal, taxes and local fees (when applicable)
Pricing per tire when purchased from other vendors:
  • Street tires: $50.00*
  • Off-Road: $30.00*
  • Lifetime Balancing: Free
  • *Price excludes tubes, valve stems, tire disposal, taxes and local fees (when applicable)
Our tire mounting services include:
  • Mounting and Computerized Balancing for Street tires
  • Mounting for Off-road tires
  • Tube changes for all tube-type tires
  • Free lifetime Computerized Balancing for street tires requires proof of purchase for original mounting and balancing services
In preparation for your visit to our stores for our tire mounting services:
  • Confirm if tire mounting is available at your local store by finding your store page via the Store Locator (look for "Tire Installation" under Store Services) or by calling ahead to your local store
  • Please remove your wheels from your motorcycle at home
  • Clean your wheels and make note of any pre-existing blemishes prior to your visit to our store
Please Note:  All street rims that require tubes will require new tubes when tires are installed. For maximum riding enjoyment and safety, Cycle Gear recommends all tubes be replaced at the time of install. Tire tubes degrade over time (chafe, become thin, air valve stem rust and crack) and are more prone to failure.

Additionally, all tubeless rims will require the rubber air valve to be replaced when new tires are installed. Like tire tubes, rubber air valve stems degrade over time and will leak air. Any tubeless tire installation performed at a Cycle Gear location will require replacement of the rubber air valve stems  for safety purposes. Exceptions are steel valve stems and TPMS (tire-pressure monitoring systems).

Tires for rims with a diameter smaller than 15" (fifteen inches) or larger than 21" (twenty-one inches) cannot be mounted due to tire machine limitations. Tires wider than 200mm (two-hundred millimeters) cannot be mounted due to tire machine limitations.
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